I love having my nails done. I just feel when my hands look nice that it gives the illusion that I have things together as a mom and wife as well as professionally at work. More importantly it makes me happy. Now that I have a new born, when will I have the time to go get it done. Also taking him to a nail salon is a huge no no with those chemicals. What if I accidently let him suck on my finger by mistake. I usually let him suck on my knuckle while I am looking for his pacifier or trying to figure out if he’s hungry but there have been quick moments that I have accidently used my finger instead. Ok I know I am worrying to much and believe it or not this is my second child! The other issue is my 2 ½ year old loves for me to paint her nails and I don’t want to take that bounding away either. Next best thing is to do them yourself! (when you can)

I started to do some research about nail upkeep and nail polish. What I have learned is that there is certain nail polish that is water based and less toxic for you and your mini you! That allows me to still pamper myself and have my one-on-one time with my daughter. I think that’s especially important now that she is adjusting to being a big sister. I also read that those types of nail polish do not last as long as the others that are not water based. (If you want a list of some nail polish I have tried that are water based subscribe to the blog and I will email you a list and pictures!)  Of course I can keep my nails shaped, clear, and buffed as an alternative for myself.

By now I have figured out how to spare a few minutes for me during the day or even night. I have learned that if I do not take care of me sometimes I will not be able to take care of my family all the time. Below are a few tips and tricks I have used to keep my hands and nails looking nice while on the go or caring for the house and family!

  1. I keep hand cream in purse or by computer. That way I will see the hand cream since I at least grab my purse once a day and always by the computer.
  2. I have several nail filers: one at home, purse, and at work. I notice that I am always in need of one!
  3. The days I exfoliate my legs I also exfoliate my hands and focus on my nail area.
  4. I have used olive oil or vegetable oil on my nails when I am cooking in the Kitchen and washed off after dinner was ready.
  5. I did invest in a few nail care products such as a good cuticle clipper and good nail filers.
  6. When I take a bath I have nail care products around since my hands will be soaking.
  7. I try to cut and shape my nails after they have been soaking in water, I have read it’s a cleaner cut and less ridged after you file them down.

Below are a few of my favorite nail products! Yes these are affiliate links but I like to share products that I love, that work, and are at great prices. My favorite is the last one that you wet a cotton ball with nail polish remover then add those gadgets to your fingers. It does the magic for me of removing even the toughest nail polish and saving me time. So go ahead and pamper yourself! 

Pretty in pink like my mini me!

All about the CUEticles

Natural Hand Cream


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