Blogging in the Moment


Image of the Phone

When we step outside and join society we don’t really join society. We can be physically there next to someone but thanks to technology we rather connect with other strangers through the web than the ones next to us. For instance, when was the last time you went to a restaurant? (For me its been forever, can’t take my toddler to where she can sit with strangers because she will!) You rarely sit down at a table, look around you, and not see majority on their phone. Even the kids! The average age of a kid having a smart phone is 10. Really! At ten I was trying to figure out the tv or radio, yet alone a cell phone. We played on Nintendo’s and had to go outside to interact with kids. But I shouldn’t complain, it’s because of phones I am able to run my business.

In the Now

With smart phones in everyone’s hand they are able to keep up with the latest news, trends, and stay connected with people. We jump up with joy when we hear that bing sound to let us know exactly when things are happening on our social news feed. And we live for those bings! Groups or individuals are able to reach each other at any time and view what each other are doing right in that moment. It makes us feel like we were actually there. Families and friends can now be thousands of miles away and still feel like they are with you at special events.

The Necessity of the Phone

I do not know if you read my about me page but I am a very busy mom. I have two little ones, work a full time job, a side job of web design/development, as well as my own blog. Let’s not go into the things outside of work, that’s a whole other novel. When I am working I focus on what I need to accomplish. But of course there are moments in those hours that I really want to capture and share. Especially my ah ha moments to help other busy Do It All Moms! With my phone I am able to capture those events instantly and express genuine feelings. Followers want to see what happens in your life. It’s their real life of Keeping Up with the Kardashian but somewhat more personal. As a blogger I can respond to their reactions, comments, and questions.  I can also follow fellow bloggers and partner up with them at that time. There are periods when something happens that I realize I need to share or question for help. I am able to write down ideas when they happen in the note’s section in my phone. In all without my phone I truly believe I would not be successful at what I do.

Bad Images

Constantly being on the phone can set off a bad image to those around you. You can come off rude to those who do not have an online business. Family and friends might not understand the need of taking pictures every time they meet up with you and the constant posts. It will appear like you can’t live without the phone. It can seem to others around you that you can’t live in the now with people in that moment. You might appear fake because most of the time you are repositioning everything so that it looks perfect. Or they think worse that you had alternative motives to really catching up and hanging out with your friends. There is a gap of understanding what we really do as bloggers and what it takes to have a successful one.

Ways to Edit

Here are a few tips I use to correct those bad images that can be portrayed when constantly on the phone. When I do use those moments in my blog I include that person in it. I give them a shout out in the article expressing how I felt and why that moment was special with them. I always link the blog post back to that person so that they can see that I truly appreciated the time and why I had to brag about them. In my post, Pampering on the Dime, you can see how I utilized this technique with my mom. It’s something simple but she really enjoyed reading it and wanting to know the stats on that page. Also she couldn’t help but share the post on her social media threads. These little things help the ones around you understand what you do and make them feel exceptional. Now my mom sends me ideas and links to things so that she can be in every post!

In the Moment

Blogging in the now takes a lot of effort and time. To me it’s not just a 9 – 5, Mon – Fri job. Of course blogging can make you money but it’s even more about the strangers you meet that then become friends. My friends and family get to see another side of me and get to know what I was really thinking. It’s very personal and something I really enjoy. I am very passionate about my blog and why shouldn’t I be? It’s about my view on life and if I’m not passionate about myself than who will be. It’s a way to include my family, friends, and myself in life’s moment!


13 Comments Add yours

  1. enannylink1 says:

    Your right it appears as if we are not present because our cells could be our main tool for blogging/connecting/etc. Trying to find the right balance as we speak


  2. It’s definitely tough going on a trip and trying to stay in the moment when looking through a lens. But I definitely remind myself to put the camera down and enjoy. You get the best of both worlds.


  3. Sophia Whitham says:

    I’d never thought about how blogging a moment could be perceived from the outside. I try to always put my phone down during meetings with friends and family, once I have the main shots. xx Sophia x


  4. You’re right in pointing out the irony about people choosing to engage with strangers online than with people they know who are right beside them. I’m sometimes guilty of this, and I’m working on it! Xx Thanks for the reminder!


  5. I completely need to live more in the moment. My husband is always telling me to be more present. So hard when you’re a blogger but I am trying.


  6. annalisanuttall says:

    Don’t live in the past or future – live in the moment. Something my dad would always says to me. I try to blog in the moment but it never easy. xx


  7. Ash says:

    So true how blogging can affect our relationships and self image. It’s always good to mention them on social media as I have noticed it makes them feel good.
    Great post!

    Ash |


  8. Nosh & Breks says:

    This is so true. I always try to put my phone away when with friends, but it can be difficult!


  9. mattttiee says:

    This is something I’ve become a lot more aware of recently. You’re so right – it is strange!


  10. I was nodding all along to this post. You are right, it is a funny one where we’d rather connect with strangers but it also makes sense. When I first started blogging, there was no one I knew IRL that was as obsessed with makeup as I was until I started a blog and realised there was a whole bunch of others that felt the same, that were just as makeup mad as me!



  11. sandy nasif says:

    I really haven’t thought about this before. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips


  12. This is something that comes to my mind sometimes. Like just the other day at a concert, so many people filmed half or more of it with their phones and I was just like – come on just enjoy it without looking through your phone but being in the moment and seeing it without a “filter”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, liked reading through your post.
    Lea, xx


  13. SO true. I often look around in public at everyone on their phones. 10 is the average for kids? Wow. We were the mean parents and held our off til they were in high school. Proud of it. I do love my phone though. #bloggerlife blessings!


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