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My quick beauty secrets for the mom on the go!

Make up for the mama on the go! As a busy mom I am always on the go and most of the time I look like it to. I would be lucky if my socks match. My style has been socks with ballet shoes, leggings, oversized t-shirt and my hair up. Of course its one

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Blogging in the Moment

Image of the Phone When we step outside and join society we don’t really join society. We can be physically there next to someone but thanks to technology we rather connect with other strangers through the web than the ones next to us. For instance, when was the last time you went to a restaurant?

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A fool proof guide to setting & achieving your goals successfully

How to Successfully Achieve Goals Setting goals for yourself can be such a motivational experience. It can give you somewhat of a high, letting your mind take over what your reality could be! To attaining any goal it takes continuous planning and holding yourself accountable. Goal setting is a powerful process. It takes continuous effort

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