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My quick beauty secrets for the mom on the go!

Make up for the mama on the go!

As a busy mom I am always on the go and most of the time I look like it to. I would be lucky if my socks match. My style has been socks with ballet shoes, leggings, oversized t-shirt and my hair up. Of course its one of those days when you have had the same baby spit up shirt on for two days, your hair in a hot frizzy mess of a pony tail, that you run into someone important or worse… your ex. And it is hard, really hard, to spend some time on you. Like my mom say’s once you have kids your life is not yours anymore and I wouldn’t change anything about that. But I do need to figure out how to love me again.

I know I am not going to magically lose the 20 pounds I gained from my pregnancy or the few stretch marks I have will disappear. I get that, but I also know there are other things I can do to boost my self-esteem. Ya ya I know appearance isn’t everything especially when you just had a child however self-image is a big deal now a days. We see it in magazines and movies about the put together mom who can accomplish all. And all I want to do is look into the mirror and love myself. I want to know I put an effort because I am worth that effort.

Now how can I do that if most of the time I only have a few minutes before my toddler comes around looking for where I hid (yup sometimes I play hide and go seek in order to run to the bathroom or to just take a quick breather). From research and reviewing others tips and tricks I established my own ideas on how to do my hair and make-up quickly and effectively. Below is a list of my must have make up items and why it works!

  1. I use BB cream to not only give my complexion a great smooth look but it is also a sunblock and facial moisturizer as well. The brand I liked best was Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream. The coverage was amazing and my dark spots seemed to be getting lighter. To give you a little info about BB cream it is very light so when you put it on its ok if you miss a little spot. It doesn’t create those lines you see on some people that did not blend their foundation well. For me that’s perfect because sometimes I am blindly putting it on and fast. This brand was also my favorite because it was easy to find the right skin tone for me and the liquid didn’t squirt out everywhere when I used it. Click on the picture to learn more about the product!

2. I use a pink and reddish tented lip gloss. My beauty secret is that I not only use it for my lips but also cheeks and eyes to give them color. I dab very lightly on my cheeks and then I rub it in. I might put more on my eyes to give a bolder color. Surprisingly it is not as sticky as I thought it would be. Now I do need to use my make – up remover to get it fully off my face but the other side to that is that it lasts long. I didn’t need to worry about reapplying for color in the cheeks or eyes. My favorite is below because since my lips are sensitive this helped with my lips pealing and was spf!

3. What I believe is my best feature is my eyes. I always make sure I have a great mascara brand that work well with my lashes. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul and I want my soul to say I am a confident mama!

Another reason why I love the products above is that it easily fits in my purse and doesn’t take much room. No need to tote a make – up bag around. They are my go to items that take me less than 5 minutes to put on. Just enough time for my mini me to find me from hide and seek or to put on in the parking lot. Below are a few more items that I will complement the above items with if I am lucky enough with time!

Powder to add a little bit more color and I feel like it lasts longer too since I am using a cream for a foundation.

Since straightening my hair takes forever it is out of the question. Plus I am paranoid of my little girl accidently touching it or tripping over the cord when she runs around me. My next best thing is my rollers. My hair does look great with the volume and curve it creates. Plus it takes a lot less time for me to do. While me hair is up I can be putting on the make-up. Also my rollers really straighten out my hair pretty well from the wave I have.

Now a favorite item of mine is my lip buffer! This sugar scrub leaves my lips smooth and baby soft! My lips tend to peal a lot and this gently exfoliates those dead skin cells and is not harsh at all. Also it is minty leaving my breath smelling good and it taste good as well (yup it is safe to taste). 

Something new I have tried since it has become such a fad is my eyebrows. I didn’t like how the pencil looked so I tried something new. It was of a gel consistency that glided really smooth and naturally. Then there is a powder to lock it in. I loved the look and it was actually fairly easy to do. My favorite brow brand was from ELF!

Now I still might be messy with my sock wearing ballet slipper shoe self but when I look in the mirror I feel better when I do those few simple make – up techniques. I know that as a mom I’m not going to be perfect but I give off that I do care about myself and I want my daughter to remember that. Now when I look in the mirror I don’t just see a tired messy person staring back, I see a confident hard working mom that looks like she has a little bit of herself together and doesn’t mind getting dirty too.

(Above are affiliate links. Affiliate links do not mean that the products are cheaper or more expensive; You click on the picture and a link will bring you to view the product description and location to buy. These products I recommend because they ARE great products, at great prices, and they worked for me!)


Pampered on the Dime

With a newborn I had been feeling worn down with trying to adjust to a new schedule with a baby and toddler by myself. It’s a lot of hard work! And don’t get me wrong I love it but it does take time to figure out when you should prep for dinner, do laundry, learn how your baby likes to sleep, when to sleep, and so much more! With juggling so much there comes a time you need to take care of yourself in order to go strong for another couple of weeks.

One way every mom could feel put together is by getting quality salon pampering once in a while. That can be extremely hard because of three factors; time, money, and who is watching the kids. How would the household survive for those few hours without me!? For me, I have been on maternity leave for 5 weeks and I was trying to figure out when I would have the time to get my hair done and if I could have some type of facial. Luckily I had visited my mom and she was able to help me watch my son and daughter, so I had two factors covered. Now what do I do about the cost to relax and feel like a new me? Well my mom came to my rescue again with not just money but ideas that every mom should know and I am eager to share! But first…

As you can see in my oh so thrilled before picture my hair had become frizzy and dull. The last time I had my hair professionally done was two years ago. Last year I attempted to do it myself by doing a box color and going to Walmart to have the ladies there cut my hair. It was ok but I didn’t have that wonderful relaxing spa experience that I very much needed. As woman we enjoy leaving that spa feeling like a million bucks, that someone else was taking care of us for a change.

Now here is my after picture. What a big difference! Now would you believe I only paid $50.00!!! That’s a steal to leaving looking that good and feeling great. How you may ask? Well there is a beauty school by my mother’s house that has had great reviews. I ended up paying 75% less than I normally would and learned a lot about hair and skin care since it was a school and teachers were asking questions of the students. It truly was a great experience and I felt relaxed knowing the teacher was there inspecting everything without it feeling like she was hoovering.

After my experience I decided to look into other ways getting pampered could be possible and that easy. I researched and found out that there is a lot of beauty schools out there that provide the same services for those great prices. You might have to type in beauty school and your location to find one. Then of course look at reviews and ask around to see how the experience was for others. Another tip I learned is that salons want new hair stylist to show their work at the salon before they hire them so they can check out their technique, skill, and how much time they take. You can let salons know you volunteer to be the person that potential hair stylists work’s on and to leave your number! When you do that your service is free! The only thing is you might be limited to what services they need to do, when they need to do it, and how much time they will take. However, these are all things you can discuss before the service.

I do have to share a product I am obsessed with! Bumble and Bumble Style and Blow Dry Creme. It helps protect your hair from the damage of heat from your blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron. For healthy hair, even fine or oil-prone, microfine oil-absorbing powders to extend the life of your blow dry right from the start, and this product lasts for days! Exactly what us moms need on the go. I have had my tube of this product for over 2 years now and I use it every time I wash my hair. I highly recommend getting this product if you get your hair done. Below is an affiliated link to the product I use but this brand carries so much more. Again I promise you won’t be disappointed with how well your hair looks and lasts with it!

I hope this information helps you Do It All Moms out there and please let me know if you have any other salon tricks to get pampered on a dime!