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Failing News Year Resolution or Growing & Developing in Unexpected Ways?

Here we are again. It’s a new year and we have already created our New Years resolution. How is that going for you so far? For me I have lost sight of it and it’s still January (yup I started this article in January and still hadn’t posted!) I had thoughts, a plan, and a commitment so where did I go wrong? I felt like I was realistic in my goals and analyzed where I have gone wrong in the past. So what did I not account for?

I didn’t think about the outside factors enough. I can at least say I thought about them but just didn’t realized how much things out of my control could make such a big impact. For example, being sick for 2 weeks. Something as simple as that had me jumping off my own band wagon! My meal prepping never happened, my self control was gone, and trying to look nice with makeup and hair done… never happened. Same with my blog posts. They never happened (on my New Years resolution to work on).

Currently I am stuck in the car with my husband and two kids sleeping while we wait the rain to stop before running into the house. It gave me some rest and piece and quiet. It also gave me the time to really think about this month and why I feel stuck. I wanted to do stuff for my brand and couldn’t think how to do it. I realized that I could and should have been doing this all along. I have the resources but never really used them. Just made excuses to why I couldn’t do it. I would spend the time looking at everyone else’s post and pictures and think WTH! Why am I having issues. This was a great wake up call. I have lots of advice to give, tools, and resources and need to stop making excuses. Need to get out of my comfort zone and put myself out there. I believe that is the real reason I had stopped. Being so afraid of being judged sometimes. Not anymore, getting out of my comfort zone. Part of my New Year Resolution and new me. Wish me luck and be on the lookout for some great tips and tricks to keep you on track for this year!