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Kids Bop Saved Me!

Yup you heard me right! Kids Bop saved me by helping me from going insane. Really, I would have gone crazy if it latest any longer. I don’t know how other parents do it and bless them for it. I know you will understand once I explain and please be opened minded to what I am saying…

I have to travel a lot and I am not just in the car for a 15 minute drive. I usually am driving across county’s. The price we pay for living closer to our family and our kids getting to know them better and build that relationship. I at least travel for over hour 2 – 4 times a week with the kids. What else can you do in a car with a 2 and 4 year old? Can you guess it? SING!

I have had Frozen stuck in my head and Johny Johny for days! I am not a fan of either one. I know I know, everyone loves Frozen, except me. I just couldn’t get into it. So what else is a mom to do? You want your kids to have fun and consider how to make it that way knowing that for them getting in the car for long trips is going to be a constant in their future. You don’t want them to dread getting in and crying every time.

I discovered Kids Bop by mistake and so glad I did. They have a mixture of the new and old school hits but sung by kids. I was pleasantly surprised that my kids LOVED it. I think it is because there are kids singing and words they can pronounce. Currently my daughters favorite is Havana and Perfect. If you haven’t tried them it is a must. Some daycares also play these songs because Netflix has a show that teaches the kids to dance to the music. It keeps them active and engaged. Another trick I use when I want to keep the kids active and assist with their spirts of energy.

If your not sure what I am talking about check it out below!


Kids Bop made the car rides fun and interactive. I highly recommend them for the parents that need to switch it up a bit.

Back to Reality

The days leading up to my final ones on maternity leave were both stressful and exciting. I was ready to get back to talking like a normal person and leaving my baby voice at home. I was ready to see what was outside my house since I really stayed inside most of my maternity leave. I was too afraid to take my son out in the cold weather. But I was also scared of a lot of unknown factors and some that I thought I had control over and prepared for!

Time was running out and there were concerns that had not been taken care of. For example my daycare informed me three days before I started work that they will not be able to take my son. Let me add that this date was confirmed months in advance and I was communicated that it wouldn’t be a problem to take him in at that date. I cried for two days wondering what was I going to do about the care of my son and why do people do this. I needed to go back to work because I really needed the money for my family. My maternity leave was unpaid. But I am super thankful for the moms out there in our community that came in to support me. I was able to have someone watch my little man for a few hours a day until I could get him and my daughter into another daycare. Then there was also the stress of how am I going to be able to cook, clean, and have everything ready after work! For the past 6 weeks I had been spending all day doing chores that I will now need to do in 3 hours. I also knew I was going to be tired with adjusting myself and the family to another schedule. I took a deep breath and thought hey, we are moms and we conquer all and figure things out, that’s just what we do! So just do it! (And I did!)

Now on a more positive note, I was excited to get back into designing and seeing what I could accomplish in the work place. I wanted to challenge myself with my peers and feel like I did a great job accomplishing different project’s and consumer needs. I am not saying I don’t feel like I do a great job at being a mom but sometimes you need that reminder that you can accomplish and do all. That hey, I am Wonder Woman. Plus you know you’re good at it. During my first 6 weeks with my new born I questioned my ability at being good at juggling it all and at work I knew I was good at juggling.

Now from my experience I came up with some tips to help with getting everyone ready in the mornings before you leave the house. I hope this helps other moms and dads out there get adjusted to getting back to work and make it there on time!

  1. Prep at night! I had both kids’ bags packed and ready to go at the front door. If I could have had those bags in the car the night before I would have but the milk does need to be refrigerated. I also knew if I didn’t see the bags before I walked out that I might forget to grab the milk and possibly the bags too!
  2. I had my clothes picked out (for the whole week) and even went to bed wearing my leggings and undershirt. Anything I could have worn to bed with I did. I only needed to worry about the second half of my outfit once I got up. I also had my daughter sleep in her dress or leggings. I know that sounds like much but I was desperate to make sure we left the house on time! Especially for the moms watching over my son and doing me a favor.
  3. I also selected what makeup I was going to wear and placed it on the counter the night before. I had an empty cosmetics bag in case I needed to bring anything to work with me. If I didn’t finish doing something I would then throw it in the bag. My thought was if I was really running late I can toss my tooth brush, tooth paste, make-up, deodorant, and jewelry and run out the door with it!
  4. I had the coffee set to brew at 5:00am with my goal to leave the house by 6:00am. Smelling coffee when you get up, especially that early, always put a smile to my face. I also had the cup, sugar, spoon, vitamins, and anything else I needed for the morning right there next to each other in the corner of my kitchen. This was a huge help! It was a mini buffet section for me.
  5. I started work Monday so I packed a bunch of snacks for the whole week to take with me in case I ran late and forgot something for me. I also meal prepped my breakfast, lunches, and dinners. (I will be writing a blog about different ways you can meal prep!)

I hope this helped you and please comment on any tips and tricks that helped you and your family with their morning routines!