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30 Ways for 30 Days to show simple ways of affection

When I started to think about Valentine’s Day I wanted to show my husband that there are ways to celebrate that doesn’t cost a dime. I wanted to do this for two reasons. One is that he is accustomed to events and holidays celebrated with balloons, banners, presents, the whole nine yards. There is nothing wrong with having all those decorations and extras but I wanted to show my husband what I cherish most is the thought and creativity of it all. My second reason is we are watching how we spend our money, especially now that we have a new born!

With those two reasons in mind I brainstormed on how I could be romantic for Valentine’s without a cost. During my brainstorm event another thought crossed my mind. Why plan for just one day? Valentine’s Day is to show your affection and love but I wanted it to last longer than just the one day. I wanted to take this opportunity to possibly start something special and rekindle our relationship. Since I got pregnant our romantic life has slowed down to prepare for another baby and for us both taking on side jobs to help the family income. That’s when I created my list of 30 ways for 30 days.

30 ways for 30 days is a list of quick, easy, and simple ways to show you care and that your thinking of your partner. I did not do each action item in order. It would depend on the day and mood that we were in. Below is my 30 ways for 30 days to show your affection. Join my email list to receive the template to track and check off each way you showed your affection!  

1.       Give a surprise hug and kiss

2.       Have sticky notes with cute messages in random places

3.       Send a sexy text message

4.       Make their favorite meal

5.       Read up on something they are interested in and discuss

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6.       Let them pick the movie/show

7.       Help them with a project they are working on

8.       Make them have a man’s/girls night

9.       Plan a date night

10.   Make them a treat

11.   Give them a massage

12.   When they arrive home make a big deal out of it other by yourself or w kids

13.   Wash the cars

14.   Give them a compliment every day

15.   Give a passionate kiss before work

16.   Explain what your grateful for

17.   Surprise them with getting dressed up for them

18.   Focus on them, turn off your phone and t.v

19.   Play a game together

20.   Create a new dish together

21.   Slow dance in the living room or outside under the stars

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22.   Set up a backyard starry night date

23.   Take a long walk together

24.   Take cute selfies together

25.   Create a bucket list together

26.   Do something to make them laugh

27.   Figure how to encourage them

28.   Make a point to smile more and be positive

29.   Learn about their hobby

30.   Explain why they are so special

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My Positive Journal to a Positive Life

I have once read that we don’t realize how many good things that happen to us in a day. A lot of the small positive actions go unnoticed. Can you blame us we are moms! We are busy trying to keep up with the grocery list, the house keeping, cooking, work, and lets not forget the family. But we can’t let those small moment go unnoticed because those little things matter too and can makes a big difference in our lives when you reflect back on them.

That’s why I started a positive journal. It’s a small hand held journal that I keep with me in my purse, diaper bag, and even in the kitchen while I am cooking. Every time I see my positive journal, I recollect my day and write those small actions that really did mean something. At the end of the day, other when I am watching my little one take a bath or lying in bed, I reflect on that list and realize how much it has grown throughout the day. I would realize how much I was blessed and how many goods things went my way for that day. As a mom it’s a calming feeling and gives me a sense of accomplishment and appreciation.

I challenge you moms out there to try this. It does take time to build into a habit to remember to write everyday but it doesn’t take much time to actually write down a few things that happened that day. Here is a tip; do not get into details in your positive journal of what happened, just write down the action. For example, today when I went out this morning to treat myself and my daughter I was surprised to hear that the person in front of me paid for my coffee and my daughters breakfast. It was such a kind jester and was really touching. I wrote in my journal treated to coffee and breakfast. That is all I need to remember that moment and I am sure it will be the same for you. You should notice your attitude and days become more positive and the people around you will notice too!

Below is a great journal to start with! Its a great size and quality especially if your anything like me. I am always on the go and have to throw things in the diaper bag and need to make sure what I use can handle the abuse! Just keep that in mind when you pick out your journal!

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Positive Journal